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10 Fashion Mistakes to Avoid

Who has never criticised a celebrity’s outrageous red-carpet outfit, a woman’s plunging neck line or a friend’s t-shirt and his sense of style still stuck in the 90s? Whether we like it or not, there are dress codes to respect in order not to ridicule ourselves in the eyes of society! It is important to know these mistakes and this is why we rounded up the 10 worst fashion blunders to avoid.


Nude tights

It is not always easy to go out with bare legs when the sun is finally out. However, nude tights is not the solution to hide your imperfections! Especially if your tights are darker than your skin colour, wrinkled at the knee and, in worst cases, with a satin effect. If you don’t want to look like an old-fashioned granny, it is best to stick to sheer black or opaque tights.


Hold-ups plain leg




Fake brands

A Chanel bag is out of your league and budget but the “Chavel” bag is a perfect look-alike? Do not fall prey to the temptation as, not only are they poorly replicated but it is illegal! There is nothing more ridiculous than wearing a counterfeit luxury accessory when this practice destroys millions of jobs around the world and puts you at risk of having to pay a £ 260,000 fine. Dorothy Perkins has a wide range of gorgeous and affordable bags like this one. 

Black Plait Detail Shopper

Dorothy Perkins


The undersized jacket

Shapely breasts, a stunning silhouette and wide shoulders… You want to showcase your assets with a well-cut jacket? Then forget the undersized jacket! Not only will it be hard for you to button it, but you will look tense and, in the worst-case scenario, it could tear up in front of other people. Stay safe and trendy with a comfy and stylish and oversized coat

Lanius Coat

Peter Hahn


The full-on animal print look

Animal prints are back in vogue this year and there is nothing quite more difficult than pairing them without looking vulgar. However, if you want to try this style without ‘’showing off’’, avoid synthetic fabrics, oversized accessories or revealing clothes. Why not opt for fashionable items with just a touch of animal prints?

Cut-And-Sew Leopard Print Top


The printed blouse

One day-garment to avoid is the short-sleeved printed blouse. Featuring Aztec, floral or animal prints, the printed blouse is the most outdated garment of all times! Unless you want to look like Tom Selleck in Magnum or a supermarket manager, this casual look is all but elegant. Choose instead a nice and well-cut blouse which will flaunt your features. 

Long Sleeve Blouse 1863



The pyjama-style bottoms

Can you picture yourself going to work in pyjamas? Of course, there is nothing more comfortable than wearing fluid pants to feel at ease during the day. The fancy pyjama look is unfortunately very difficult to achieve and in 99% of cases, you will end up looking like a lost sleepwalker rather than a catwalk model. So, whatever the colour, cut or fabric, forget all pants which look like your pyjama bottoms! If you want comfy pants, there are plenty of them which are fluid yet fashionable

Black Chain Print Wide Leg Trouser




The very short dress

You recently fell in love with a pretty short dress but once home, you realised that it was too short? Give up on wearing this dress alone if it shows more than half of your thighs! It will be a shame to attract some unwanted gaze on your bum just because of a few missing centimetres. You love that short dress? Wear it over a longer skirt of the same colour or with a lace underskirt. Or why don't you choose a midi length dress?

Contrast Bust Seam High Neck Midi Dress



Ballerina shoes

According to a study, ballet flats are among the items that, when worn by women, are deal breakers for men. Even if they are practical, some people go as far as to consider this flat shoe as a celibacy pledge. Smelly, ugly, old-fashionedBallerina shoes are subject to a lot of criticism from fashionistas. Over the past few years, hundreds of movements have been created to oppose the ballerina shoe like the ‘’International Day against Ballet Flats” which collected more than 40 000 signatures on Facebook. If you insist on wearing flats, low boots are always a safe choice

Iman Ankle Boots




Wearing Heels without knowing how to walk in them

Walking in heels is something you can learn! If you are not used to wearing them, it will be hard for you to walk more than 10 metres in this beautiful pair of stilettos. There is nothing more uncomfortable than spending a whole night in 10 cm heels when you are not used to. That’s why, if you don’t want to become a laughingstock after twisting your ankle or tripping on the sidewalk, start by wearing shorter or thicker heels!

Clarks Kendra Sienna 



Low rise jeans

Not only are they uncomfortable but low-rise jeans can be quite vulgar if it shows your lingerie. Even if low-rise jeans made a comeback in 2017, you should avoid wearing it if it does not fit your body shape. Nowadays, pants are worn higher to mark the waist or mid-body so as to double your allure while walking.

Jumbo Cord Straight Leg Trousers



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