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10 outfit ideas on what to wear for a Zoom meeting

As more and more people work from home or from abroad, looking professional in front of the merciless webcam for a videoconference might be complicated. Webcams can make you look older, tired or simply less put together than you might think. Being at home, you will be tempted to wear comfy sweatpants and an old T-shirt. Depending on your work environment, your employer, colleagues and clients will expect you to have a professional appearance. We give you some advices on what to wear for your professional Zoom meetings while staying comfortable.


Keep it simple

The key to a successful work videoconference session is to feel confident and to avoid diverting attention to your message. Forget your colourful outfits, stripes, animal prints and other complicated patterns that will distract your audience. Prefer neutral, sober or pastel tones that are flattering and in soft materials. Whatever the colour you choose, be sure that it looks best on you and will definitively boost your confidence.

Ivory Contrast Button Tie Front Blouse

Roman Original

Fine HOUNDSTOOTH linen shirt 



Peter Hahn

New Look long sleeve oversized cord shirt in light pink


Contrast Trim Long Sleeve Polo Shirt

Hackett London


For an important meeting

It is highly probable that you will have to make a more professional meeting with your employer or clients, and even for a job interview. For this, you will have to match your outfit to the occasion. For a good first impression, dress to impress and be impeccable. Focus mainly on your upper body part and dress the way you would for an in-person meeting.

Linen Hopsack Blazer

Hackett London

Burton Menswear pique blazer in grey


Windowpane check cotton poplin shirt

Hackett London

& Other Stories check structured blazer in monochrome


ANNA AURA Blazer with long sleeves

Peter Hahn

The first impression is usually made within the first 30 seconds of seeing a person. To put you and your viewer at ease, the most important is to dress comfortably, this will allow you to focus solely on your video conference. Be sure that your chosen outfit is properly fitted and not too over-exposed. You want people to remember you for your professionalism and your message conveyed, not your fashion faux-pas.


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