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Here's how to be a Fashion Rebel in Five Steps!

This is not a secret for anyone that the fashion industry is made of versatile and quick changing rules! Do not match your purse and your shoes, do not wear black and brown and give up neutral tones in 2019 are among the several regulations imposed by fashion gurus. What if we told you that you do not have to follow these instructions from A to Z? It is time to ditch the rules and embrace the fashion rebellion! Here is how to do it without looking weird or ridiculous.


1.      Feel Comfortable

Being stylish and good looking are pointless if you feel uncomfortable in what you are wearing. This aspect is often overlooked by the fashion industry. Hence, comfort is not to be neglected when picking your next outfit. A good pair of shoes can make you feel as if you are walking on clouds, so, choose the right one! These chunky sneakers should fit! Even if trendsetters argue that they are out for 2019, they remain a timeless piece which will bring out the fashion punk out of you!



Twin Sneakers


2.      Ditch the imposed colour palettes

Each season, trendsetters come with new colour palettes and set the tone for the next few months. However, the prescribed colours may not please everyone. So, if you do not want to abide by the imposed tones without looking like you are straight out of the circus, opt for nude and beige colours. These are timeless favourites but they can make you stand out while everyone is wearing trendy colours. For example, this basic sweater from Eterna would be perfect!

Eterna Knit Sweater



3.      Challenge the fashion previsions!

Fashion previsions keep telling you what is in and out each season. It is time for you to prove them wrong and show them how to rock an item which is supposedly out of fashion. Take, for example, the oversized jacket. As per fashion previsions, it is out for the season. It’s time to show them how you can still rock it. Plus, it is the perfect item to have when the chilly autumn breeze hits. You can find this stylish one on Peter Hahn.

Fuchs & Schmitt Rain Jacket

Peter Hahn

4.      Be sassy!

Show off your sass and don’t be afraid to be yourself! It is time to ditch the fashion etiquettes and stand out of the crowds. Is there a better way to do that other than wearing one piece of iconic fashion item? Take for example these boots from Spartoo. They will spice up a basic outfit and give you the perfect sassy look.

Gisborne Leopard


5.      Be elegant

Being a fashion rebel does not mean putting aside all sense of style. Even if you don’t want to follow fashion rules, you can still remain classy and elegant. This cold shoulder, flare sleeve dress from Be Jealous will give you the elegant vibe you need to prove the fashionistas wrong!

Billie Bardot Flare Sleeve Dress

Be Jealous


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