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Winter coats 2020: our top picks

The drop in temperature marks the great return of winter fashion. Because yes, it IS possible to be warm and stylish, even in winter! If you’re in the market for a new coat, then this article is for you. Whether you’re looking for one that’s short, long, monochrome or colourful, we’ve selected the most beautiful coats for winter 2020 to suit all budgets. You’ll love them!


Women's winter coats

The best women's winter coats come in different styles, colours and materials. All in all, there’s something for everyone! The trendiest coats for 2020 include timeless faux fur coats, bathrobe-style coats with a fitted belt, and even warm down coats and jackets, which are both elegant and effective against the cold.

Blue Vanilla


Miss Selfridges


Men's winter coats

If you want to buy a man's coat for winter 2020 - 2021, opt for a classic, timeless style: checked coats, monochrome wool coats or even short leather jackets, for example. The important thing is to find a coat that’s stylish, comfortable and that you won't get bored with during the winter.





What should you wear your winter coat with?

Matching your coat to your accessories is one of the top rules for being stylish in winter! Thick scarves, berets, fitted belts and even handbags to match your coat, there are many options to stand out and be trendy in autumn - winter.

Fashionable scarves in 2020

As well as keeping you warm and covering open-fronted coats, scarves complete an outfit and add style in winter. You have several options to choose from: you could match your scarf to your coat or a go for something different to make your outfit unique!

Winter hats

Wearing a hat in winter completes and adds an extra touch to your outfit. This year's must-have hat is the beret, a timeless item to have in your wardrobe. Whether you prefer your beret to be colourful or classic, wait no longer and copy the look of Emily in Paris for an original winter outfit!

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